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If you have heard of beer pong, but have never had the opportunity to play, then you are truly missing out.  Beer pong is a great game that brings people together in a festive and competitive environment.  Beer pong is so popular, in fact, that there are beer pong tables available in all shapes and sizes, beer pong ping pong balls that are customizable and even a World Series of Beer Pong!  But you don’t have to miss out on the trend any longer, our beer pong rules, tips, and important information will have you playing the exciting game in no time! Read more

Drinking card games & Popular college drinking games

There are many different types of drinking games that are popular today.  Many of these games are simple and are all about drinking the most or the fastest.  While these games can be fun, many individuals crave a more skillful drinking game.  This is where drinking card games come in handy.  Drinking card games are great because they incorporate the same card skills that we all enjoyed as children, but they spice them up with the use of alcohol.  Check out the many drinking card games available or learn how to create your own with our handy guide. Read more

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